NFUSION™ Universal Blow Dryer Nozzle

Turn any hair dryer into a hair treatment dryer. Infuse hair with nutrient-rich treatment formulas at the moment heat makes hair most receptive. This universal nozzle fits any standard hair dryer, making it the most accessible and revolutionary hair treatment system for delivering nutrients while the hair cuticle is open. It is now possible to dry your way to healthier hair!

Features & Benefits

  • NFUSION™ technology delivers nutrients while drying.
  • Universal attachment design fits any standard hair dryer.
  • Atomizer technology uses thousands of alloy micro-spheres to emit proprietary formulas as a fine spray.
  • Easily replaceable bottles contain specially-designed formulas for use with the atomizer.
  • Precision air flow design concentrates heat for even treatment emission.
  • Argan and Volumizing treatment blends available.