365 Days of Healthier Hair

Heat is harsh.

Heat is essential for flawless styling, but heat is hard on hair.

An overwhelming number of women experience dry, damaged, over processed hair. This has forced them to seek products, treatments, and salon professionals to resolve and prevent this problem. The problem is that many of the styling products and services that women routinely use – including hair dyes, perms and relaxers – can all cause damage to the outer protective cuticle which, in turn, results in dry ends, fly-aways or breakage.  

So what’s a girl to do?

Thairapy 365 hair tools expose hair to less heat.

You CAN achieve salon-worthy styles without subjecting your tresses to an abundance of harsh, damaging heat. Turn ‘Heat’ to ‘Treat’ with Thairapy 365.

At Thairapy 365 our goal is simple: apply top-notch technology to create products designed to promote healthy, radiant, beautiful hair. Unlike all the other hair care tools out there, Thairapy 365 is designed to protect and reinforce hair’s overall health by enhancing the benefits of treatments. This leads to more gorgeous, healthy, shiny results. That means the most luscious locks possible!

Thairapy 365 hair tools are the first inclusive line devoted to putting a stop to damage and actively improving the health of hair by:


damage from thermal appliances, daily wear, over processing, and chemical treatments


natural luster and shine with the use of state of the art technology


the hair follicle for added strength and elasticity, leading to beautiful, healthy hair


unnecessary daily damage to hair by implementing appliances that are gentle and effective

Thairapy 365 tools stand out from the rest because they specialize in caring for your hair while simultaneously improving its health. With the help of Thairapy 365, your hair will look regain its strength and look more radiant than ever before!