Restore RX

It’s hard to combat constant damage from the environment, chemicals, friction from brushing your hair, and heat styling that results in over worked hair. However, caring for your hair the right way will not only protect it, it will make it healthy once more. That’s why we’ve come up with the Therapy RX Conditioning Tool. Combined with hair conditioner or oil, you can fight against dry and thirsty hair. Unfortunately once hair is damaged, the cuticle is cracked and the essential moisture in your hair is lost, however with the Restore RX tool, locks can be replenished. 

Follow these essential steps to successfully apply the Restore RX tool to your hair. First, shampoo and condition your hair as normal. Next, towel dry your wet hair and apply the leave-in conditioner. Now take a stand of hair and strand by stand, pass over your locks with the conditioning tool. As normal, finish your hair style of the day by blow drying and fixing your hair. Now you are on your way to healthier and beautiful hair. 

Your hair is in for a special treat and will be replenished again and again as the RX Conditioning Tool opens cuticles, breaking down the leave-in conditioner. The conditioner soaks into the cuticles, resulting in healthy and restored tresses from an incredible moisture blast. Instead of allowing hair breakage control over your hair, you now have control over your hair’s destiny.

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