Boar Bristle and Nylon Brush

Boar Bristle is designed to carry Sebum - the oil produced by your
scalp that naturally conditions your hair. This natural oil is the
best anti-frizz serum, making your hair softer, shinier and
healthier looking.

Nylon Bristles are carefully crafted to gently glide through your
hair and provide an irresistible scalp massage, resulting in a faster
hair growth. No more painful detangling. And YES to making
each day a fabulous hair day.

PAINLESS DETANGLING - Thanks to our nylon without ball
tips to prevent getting stuck in your hair

70% LESS HAIR ON THE BRUSH - Women reported
significant decrease in hair loss and hair breakage

NATURAL CONDITIONING - Our Boar Bristles carries hair
oils to make your hair smooth and shiny

GREAT FOR EXTENSIONS - Women all over the World use
boar bristle & nylon hairbrushes to care for their extensions

LIFETIME WARRANTY - If anything happens with your brush
we will send you a new one.