QuickDry Professional Blow Dryer

This light-weight, easy to use blow dryer uses the advanced technology of Infrared heat on your hair, delivering drying power deep within the hair cuticle to dry in less time and with more protection than standard dryers. The infrared heat safely and gently dries to a lustrous shine while guarding against hot spots and burns.

  • Far infrared light infuses gentle, healthy heat into the core of the cuticle - not the surface of the hairshaft like traditional blow dryers - providing high shine and smoothness.
  • Never feels too hot, the Infrared Blow Dryer emits a cooler heat as it dries, eliminating burns and hot spots to the hair and scalp.
  • Quick drying time by 50%. Even with a cooler heat, the QuickDry Dryer dries hair in half the time.
  • Four variable speed and heat settings allow great control and adjustment ability for any hair type. Plus, a cool shot button helps set any style.
  • Ultra Lightweight design.
  • Built with a lightweight D/C motor.
  • 1500 watts